46 Yr Old Teacher Caught With 14 Yr Old Arrested

46 Yr Old Teacher Caught With 14 Yr Old Arrested

When parents send their children off to school, they are placing their children into the hands of strangers. However, the part that is supposed to be comforting to parents is the fact that  the teachers that work in that school are supposed to be trustworthy. Whenever there are stories of teachers who are being inappropriate with one or more of their students, it shakes the very foundation of the educational system because teachers are supposed to be trustworthy with children, and a teacher caught with a student in a questionable matter makes every parents on earth doubt the teachers that educate their children.

 Heather Lynn Miller Charged With Felony

A guard at Katy Junior High School, in Katy, Texas, was patrolling the campus when he came upon one of the small portable trailers that are used as classrooms. When the guard went inside, he found 46  year-old Heather Lynn Miller and a 14 year-old student. Though Miller assured the guard that everything was just fine, he caught a glimpse of a young teenage boy putting his clothes back on. The guard called the police, and Miller was placed under arrest. According to school officials at Katy Independent School District, the teacher, and the 14 year old, had an apparent relationship that was labelled as inappropriate.  As of right now, the Katy ISD has placed Miller on leave while the district investigates exactly what was going on between Miller and the student.

Heather Lynn Miller, a 46 year-old teacher at Katy Junior High School, was arrested for being found with a 14 year-old student inside a portable classroom. The guard caught Miller in the classroom, and she tried to hide the fact she was not alone, but the guard saw the 14 year old getting dressed. As of right now, the Katy ISD is looking into the situation, and have placed Miller on leave until everything is cleared up.

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