Did Terrorists Cause Malaysia Plane Crash?

Did Terrorists Cause Malaysia Plane Crash?

From the very moment Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappeared, the first theory that the authorities had was that it was a repeat of September 11,2001 in which four planes were hijacked. What gave even more credence to this theory was the fact that the transponder signal was suddenly gone, which was something that happened on that horrible day. Terrorists broke into the cockpits, subdued the pilot, took over the planes, and then turned off the transponders so they could not be traced. For anyone that was watching Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 through a radar screen, the events of 9-11 must have been in the back of their minds. However, now a group of people have been arrested, and perhaps that terrorist connection to the missing plane might not be so far-fetched after all.

Arrests of Terrorists Made In Connection With Missing Malaysian Airlines

It has been almost two months since the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappeared, and while searches were happening on sea, there were also investigations on land. People may not know that while searchers were combing the ocean floor, the FBI and the MI6 were checking out people who might have had something to do with the plane vanishing. Now, after two months, enough evidence was gathered and arrests were made. According to sources, the 11 men who were arrested have an association with Al-Qaeda. The world wants to know, could these 11 men really hold the answers as to the fate of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, and the deaths of 239 innocent people?

The ultimate fate of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 might finally have a resolution even if as of right now, the plane wreckage has not been found. The FBI and MI6 have been conducting their own investigation, and they have arrested 11 Al-Qaeda associates who may know exactly what happened to the missing plane and its passengers.

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