Oscar Pistorius Makes Rude Remark to Steenkamp Friend

Oscar Pistorius Makes Rude Remark to Steenkamp Friend

For the past year, the question as to whether Oscar Pistorius is a cold blooded killer or not has been on the minds of every citizen of South Africa. The trial of the double amputee athlete began at the beginning of March, and the trial has had its ups and downs, tears, vomiting, and Oscar Pistorius swearing up and down that he did not know what he had done until it was too late, and he tried very hard to save Reeva Steenkamp as she lie bleeding in his arms. When Oscar Pistorius himself took the stand, he could barely contain his emotion, and at times, he broke down so hard that the judge had to stop so he could take some time to calm down. Through it all though, people keeping up with the trial have been on the fence as to whether they truly believe Pistorius did it because he had lost his temper or if the death of the blond super model truly was just a horrific accident.

Oscar Pistorius’ Comment To Kim Myers May Show Darker Side To Athlete

During an adjournment of court, witnesses claim they saw Oscar Pistorius lean over and whisper something to Kim Myers, who is the sister of Gina Myers, the best  friend of Reeva Steenkamp. While living in Johannesburg, Steenkamp stayed with the Myers family, and ever since the shooting death of Steenkamp, Pistorius has had no contact with the Myers family until today. Though the Pistorius defense team is denying that their client said anything, there were many reporters who saw Pistorius speak to her.

The comment that Pistorius made that has upset not only Kim Myers, but the whole Myers family was, “how can you sleep at night?” Speculation is that Pistorius feels that the Myers family is against him, and the comment he made might reflect that belief.


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