Miley Cyrus Back on Tour Talks About Hospitalization

Miley Cyrus Back on Tour Talks About Hospitalization

After nine days in the hospital, and then a relapse, it looks as though Miley Cyrus is finally well enough to get back to her tour. While it was said over and over again that she had a reaction to an antibiotic, there were reports that her time in the hospital was just a cover for something bigger, like her partying ways. However, now that Cyrus is feeling better, she has a few things to say about all the reports that her time in the hospital was for something other than a bad reaction to medication.

 Miley Cyrus Claims She Was Not In Hospital For Drug Overdose

Miley Cyrus is back, and wants to let the world know it, so what better way for her to hold a press conference? While speaking to reporters, Cyrus wanted to address a few issues regarding the time she spent in the hospital. Cyrus wanted to reiterate the fact that she was indeed in the hospital for a drug reaction, “I didn’t have a drug overdose, I took some s—-y antibiotics that a doctor gave me for a sinus infection and I had a reaction.” Cyrus also went onto say that when it comes to her tour, she is very serious about it, and the time she spent in the hospital was “the most miserable two weeks of my life.”   For those that thought Cyrus took too many drugs, she hopes that this puts any doubts to rest as to why she was in the hospital.

Now that Cyrus is healthy again, she is ready to get back on her Bangerz tour, and after two weeks in bed and too sick to do anything, the Hannah Montana star is itching to take the stage once again, sing her heart out, and probably raise a few eyebrows along the way…

Welcome back, Miley!

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