Lee Marshall – Voice of Tony the Tiger Dead

Lee Marshall – Voice of Tony the Tiger Dead

Is there not anyone in the world who know who Tony the Tiger is? Even if no one has ever heard his infamous catch phrase, he still appears on boxes of Kellogg’s frosted flakes cereal to this very day. Tony the Tiger had a very distinctive voice, and two separate men were able to give the tiger his voice. Here is a very old commercial for frosted flakes that features Tony and his very famous description of the sweet and tasty cereal. However, the world’s most famous talking tiger needs a new voice now because Lee Marshall has died at the age of 64 from esophageal cancer, but his legacy will live on not only with Tony the Tiger, but on radio and in the world of professional wrestling.

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Lee Marshall – Took Over Role of Tony Tiger After Death of Thurl Ravenscroft

Thurl Ravenscroft had one of the most distinctive voices on the world.  He was the voice of Tony up until about six rights before his death at the age of 91. When Ravenscroft retired in 1999, someone had to voice the famous tiger, and who better than Lee Marshall, who was already working for the Kellogg’s cereal company, and also had a lot of experience working with radio and other announcement jobs. Marshall, like Ravenscroft, had a very distinctive deep voice, and it helped him have quite an impressive career.

Lee Marshall was also an announcement for professional wrestling, and during the 1980s, he was an announcer for professional wrestling organizations like the American Wrestling Association and WCW, which is also known as World Championship Wrestling. Other than announcing for professional wrestling, Marshall also did a lot of work for radio stations and worked on stations located in Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Detroit.

Now that both Thurl Ravenscroft and Lee Marshall are gone, and no word has come down yet from Kellogg’s as to who will be the new voice of their famous tiger.

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