Netflix Raises Prices for 4K Ultra Service

Netflix Raises Prices for 4K Ultra Service

Hey everyone, Steven here from The Trend Guys and I’m bringing you one of the hottest trends of today.

Netflix offers 4K streaming, but now you’ll have to shell out more cash for it.

Netflix was previously including 4K  Ultra steaming as part of the regular ol’ streaming plan, but now, you’ll have to upgrade your plan to the $11.99 Platinum plan in order to watch 4K content.

Honestly, I’ll doubt this is going to be a very popular plan. I’m sure some people will go for it, but the average user isn’t going to be interested. First of all, the selection of 4K content on Netflix is extremely limited at the moment. Also, you’ll have to have a fast internet connection to watch the content (minimum 25mbps) and you’ll also need a 4K Ultra HD TV that has the HEVC codec.

4K may be the future of television, but it’s still too early for people to adopt the technology, as there are too many factors. First of all, the price of 4K HD TVs are still way too high for the average consumer. there’s not enough content available in 4K to warrant the purchase of a 4K television, and most people will likely have to upgrade their Internet speeds in order to take advantage of these streaming services. Also, if you’re on DSL, you may as well forget it entirely. You’ll have to upgrade to Cable or Fiber.

So, what do you think about Netflix’s 4K option? Would you be willing to shell out the extra few bucks?

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