10 Male Celebrities In Leather Pants

10 Male Celebrities In Leather Pants

The Trend Girl Jax here everyone to bring you yet another cool post with some very hot celebrities. Now, when it comes to the world of leather pants, not every guy or gal out there can wear them because of their mega tight style. To prove this point, some awesome pictures of celebrities in leather pants were found, and I have posted them for you all to enjoy just as much as I enjoyed finding them for you!

1. Ben Affleck Leather Pants


Ben Affleck has made headlines recently by being named the next Batman, and here is he in a pair of leather pants looking like a true hero!

2. Chris O’Donnell Leather Pants


Chris O’Donnell was once a Musketeer, and once played Robin, but these days, he stars on NCIS: Los Angeles alongside the rapper star LL Cool J. Here  is a young Chris in some awesome leather pants!

3. Chris Pine Leather Pants


The star of the new Star Trek movies, Chris Pine, is known as Captain Kirk, and here he is in a pair of leather pants that are out of this world!

4. Christian Bale Leather Pants

Christian Bale Slouching in Pink Armchair

Christian Bale has taken some remarkable roles including the part of Moses in the upcoming Exodus movie, but here is a young Christian wearing some leather pants, and he looks great in them!

5. Gerard Butler Leather Pants


The star of Law Abiding Citizen, Gerard Butler,  has played everything from a bad guy to a surfer, and boy can he really fill out a pair of leather pants!

6. Jensen Ackles Leather Pants


Here is Jensen Ackles, who is now known for his role of Dean Winchester on the hit CW show Supernatural, but Jensen Ackles got his start on the soap opera Days Of Our Lives.

7. Keanu Reeves Leather Pants


Here is a photo of the hot Keanu Reeves, and in the Matrix movies, he wears leather pants a lot, but you have to admit, he does wear them well!

8. Matt Damon Leather Pants


Matt Damon starred in the Jason Bourne movies, and has starred in a lot of interesting roles. Here is Matt Damon in some leather pants, and he looks pretty hot in them.

9. Nicholas Cage Leather Pants


Nicholas Cage made two movie as the Ghost Rider, and the best part of the role was the fact he got to wear leather pants.

10. Tom Welling Leather Pants


Tom Welling got his big break playing Clark Kent in the show, Smallville. However, before Welling donned the big S on his chest, he was a male model. Here is Tom Welling in leather pants, and as you all can see, he wears them quite well!

Well there you have it guys! Some very hot men wearing leather pants! Did I miss someone that looks pretty amazing in leather pants? I am pretty open to any guy in leather pants, so if I did forget someone, please post a comment below and let me know! Hope you all have a good day and we will talk again soon!

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