10 Celebrities At Thanksgiving!

10 Celebrities At Thanksgiving!


Hey everyone! Jax the Trend Girl here, and I’m sorry that I haven’t posted lately, but the office has been slammed! Anyhoo, Trend Guy Steve reminded me today that Thanksgiving is coming, and he suggested I whip something up showing celebrities cooking for the holiday. So, I dig some digging, and I found some great photos of some of the most famous people in the world doing a little cooking. Imagine that? Believe it or not, many celebrities love to cook especially for their families and friends.  Time to check out this list of celebrities at Thanksgiving time!

1. P Diddy Thanksgiving


P Diddy wants everyone to see his big turkey!  Check out how nice and golden brown that bird came out! Looks so tasty!

2. Taylor Swift Thanksgiving


Singing is not Taylor Swift’s only talent, and here she is preparing the Thanksgiving meal with the help of a good friend!

3. Oprah Winfrey Thanksgiving


Oprah Winfrey is not stranger to the kitchen, and here is a great picture of her cooking some yams for  Thanksgiving!

4. Milla Jovovich Thanksgiving


This Resident Evil star shows that she can do more than just carve up zombies! Here is Milla Jovovich cutting up a big turkey for her family to eat on Thanksgiving!

5. Mariah Carey Thanksgiving


Who said this mama of two doesn’t do her own cooking? Check out the lovely Mariah Carey preparing a nice home cooked Thanksgiving meal for her family!

6. Lindsay Lohan Thanksgiving


Believe it or not, not everyone eats turkey on Thanksgiving. Some people do love to have a nice hearty lasagna on Thanksgiving Day,, and here’s a picture of Lindsay Lohan with a fresh from the oven lasagna!

7. Kim Kardashian Thanksgiving


Kim Kardashian is a very busy woman with her TV show, and her daughter, but yet the reality TV star has time to stop what she is doing in order to do a little cooking.

8. Jennifer Love Hewitt Thanksgiving


Take a look at Jennifer Love Hewitt holding a very big pumpkin pie! Who wants a slice of pie?

9. Gwyneth Paltrow Thanksgiving


Another mother of two who has a busy schedule, but still wants to ensure that her kids get the best nutrition possible. Gwyneth Paltrow is no stranger to the kitchen, and here she is doing a little cooking.

10. Dwayne Johnson Thanksgiving


Known as The Rock, this former WWE star is now a big movie star, but he is never too far away from his daughter. Here is Dwayne Johnson, and his sweet daughter, celebrating Thanksgiving Day together.

So, there you have it people! These pictures show that celebrities are just normal people, and when a holiday like Thanksgiving comes along, they too go home and do their own cooking. What do you all think? Would you go to Lindsay Lohan’s house for some of that lasagna? Or would you rather go have some yams with Oprah Winfrey? Wherever you all eat your Thanskgiving meal, we here at the Trend Guys hope you have a good holiday with plenty of pumpkin pie and whipped cream!

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