Nick Gordon A Person of Interest in Bobbi Kristina Brown Situation

Nick Gordon A Person of Interest in Bobbi Kristina Brown Situation

Hello everyone, Jax here with the late breaking news about Bobbi Kristina Brown. As of right now, the 21-year-old daughter of Bobby Brown, and the late Whitney Houston is still languishing in a coma, but now reports are coming out that Nick Gordon, her longtime boyfriend, is now suspected of having had a hand in what happened to the young woman.

Maxwell Lomas, the friend that actually discovered Bobbi Kristina in the bathtub, has been speaking to the authorities about what happened that Saturday morning, and things look suspicious for Nick Gordon. Also, the police report that Bobbi Kristina has injuries that are making them all turn their attention to her longtime boyfriend.

Contrary to earlier reports, Nick Gordon did move out of the Roswell, Georgia home after Bobbi and Nick fought, but now it has been discovered that he had only left one hour prior to Bobbi Kristina being found in the bathtub. Lomas has said a lot of interesting things including the fact that Nick reported that Bobbi was in the bedroom, and it was not until the cable repairman showed up, and needed to get into the bedroom, did he find Bobbi Kristina in the bathtub.  However, there was a brief period of time when Nick Gordon was nowhere to be found.

Now there are questions that need to be answered about what happened to Bobbi Kristina, but Nick Gordon is not speaking to anyone, and has retained the services of a lawyer.  Speculation is running rampant as to what happened on Saturday, and did he have anything to do with what happened to Bobbi Kristina?

Bobbi Kristina Brown is still in a coma, and it is uncertain at this time whether she will recover from it or not, but the questions about what Nick Gordon knows are mounting.

Stay tuned to the Trend Guys for more information about this fast breaking story as it becomes available…

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