1961 Missing Plane Found on Andes Mountains

1961 Missing Plane Found on Andes Mountains

Back on April 3, 1961, a Douglas DC-3 twin propeller plane left Linares, a city that is less than 200 miles from Santiago, Chile. On board was eight Green Cross club soccer players, their coach, plus 15 other passengers for a total of 24 people on the small plane. The plane never arrived at its destination, and has been lost for over the past 53 years. However, that is not the case anymore because the musing plane has now been found on top of the Andes mountains.

The lost plane full of soccer players has been far been the biggest mystery in the country of South America, but now that mystery has finally been solved. Climbers exploring the Andes mountain have come across wreckage that they say is from that 1961 missing plane.  The wreckage was found 300 kilometers south from where it took off, but it was found at an elevation of over 3200 meters on top of the mountain.  The plane is in many pieces, but the fuselage is intact, and scattered among the wreckage is human bones.

Investigators will now have to look into the situation, and see if they can piece together what happened from the wreckage. However, from its location, though the exact location was not given by the climbers because they want to protect the site and the bones, it is clear from where the plane was found that it may have crashed shortly after it took off, and possibly, hit the mountain and exploded into many pieces.

At least for now, the mystery of what happened to the plane full of soccer players has been found, which will bring closure to their families, and hopefully, the remains will soon be returned for proper burial.

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