5 Fun Facts About Pizza For National Pizza Day

5 Fun Facts About Pizza For National Pizza Day

Hey everyone, Jax here! How do you all feel about pizza? You all may not know this, but on Thursday, February 12th is National Pizza Day! Now, who’s hungry for a pie or a slice? Pizza is delicious, and people eat it by the truckload all over the world. So, in honor of the upcoming National Pizza Day, I have gathered up these 5 fun pizza facts!

1. The most successful pizzeria in the world is located in Alaska

Who knew that pizza was so popular in Alaska? Moose’s Tooth Pub and Pizzeria is located in the city of Anchorage, Alaska, and every year its earns over six million dollars. That is a lot of pizza!

2. Every year, pizzerias spend more than 4 billion dollar on mozzarella cheese

Mozzarella cheese is the most popular cheese that is used, and every year, pizzerias order tons of it in order to give their pizzas all that gooey cheesy goodness that we all love!

3. The special occasion that people order the most pizza for is Super Bowl Sunday

This was a surprising fact because Super Bowl Sunday is just one football game, but apparently no one wants to leave their homes that day to buy food, which makes pizza delivery even more convenient.

4. On average, people in the United States each enough pizza to fill 100 acres of land every single day

With so many tasty foods out there, its surprising that people eat so much pizza every day, but statistics don’t lie! How many pieces of pizza do you all typically eat every week?

5. 80 percent of the world’s mozzarella cheese is made in the United States

Pizza is considered to be an Italian food, so one would think that Italy would be the mozzarella cheese capital, but it really is the United States

Well there you go everyone, some really delicious, and interesting facts about pizza, which is considered to be the world’s most popular foods. What toppings do you all want on your pizza?

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