McStay Family Killer Will Represent Himself

McStay Family Killer Will Represent Himself

Hi everyone, Jax here, and there is an old saying about a man who represents himself has a fool for a client. Truer words were never spoken before and they definitely apply to Charles “Chase” Merritt, the man who was arrested for the death of the McStay family. Merritt told a judge in his latest hearing that he has not hired a defense attorney because he has decided instead to be his own attorney.

While it is true that the sixth Amendment of the Constitution does allow for people who are accused of a crime to defend themselves, the fact is that people who have played their own lawyer has ended up in jail because they did not have the legal knowledge to successfully defended themselves. What is Chase Merritt thinking? Does he really think he is smarter than everyone else or does he simply have nothing else to lose?

Chase Merritt is accused of killing the McStay family, a family that vanished out of their Fallbrook, California home in 2010. Merritt was a business partner of Joseph McStay, and he was the last person to see McStay alive. When the family vanished, it was Merritt that went to check out their home, and first alerted the authorities. No trace of the family was found util 2013 when a man on a dirt bike riding around in the desert outside of Victorville found four shallow graves. The remains were identified as the four missing McStay family members, and the location of their bodies is not far from where Merritt lives. Authorities got a search warrant, searched the McStay home, and claim that the whole family was killed in their home and then dumped out in the Mojave desert.

Though authorities will not comment on the evidence they have against Merritt, when the trial does begin, which looks like it will start in April, maybe then the world will finally know exactly what happened to the McStay family, and how they ended up in four shallow graves out in the desert.

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