Did Bobbi Kristina Attempt Suicide As a Teen?

Did Bobbi Kristina Attempt Suicide As a Teen?

Hello everyone, its me, Jax! So, every day it seems as though more information about Bobbi Kristina Brown is coming out, and now it seems like someone who is close to the 21-year-old has come out of the woodwork to talk about Bobbi Kristina having issues when she was a teenager that lead to her seeking out psychiatric care when she tried to commit suicide.  What happened? What made the teenage Bobbi Kristina want to end her life?

Remember everyone, Bobbi Kristina Brown comes from a broken home, and when she was a young teenager, her parents, the late Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, seemed like the perfect happily married couple, but anyone that saw the reality TV show involving the two of them  they got to see the reality of their marriage, and it was anything but happy.  Finally, in 2007, Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston decided to end their marriage, and that greatly upset their young daughter, who was just 14 at the time.

According to this inside source, Bobbi Kristina began to do things to herself because she was so upset, and at one point, she became so self-destructive that she tried to harm Whitney Houston with a knife, and then tried to turn it on herself. Bobbi Kristina’s antics eventually got so bad that she ended up in a psychiatric facility for three days.  Within a few years time of this self-destructive time for Bobbi Kristina, her mother was taken from her untimely, and could this have caused Bobbi Kristina to snap psychologically? Did what happened to her last Saturday possibly be self-inflicted or was it the result of domestic violence incident with Nick Gordon?

Almost two weeks later, the answers to the ten thousand questions involving what happened to Bobbi Kristina have not been answered, and the fact is that the answers may never come because the one that can answer these questions is in a medically induced coma for an unknown amount of time, and the authorities investigating the incident refuse to comment on their ongoing investigation.

Stay turned to the Trend Guys, and we will post more information as it becomes available.

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