What Is the Truth About Bobbi Kristina Brown?

What Is the Truth About Bobbi Kristina Brown?

Good morning everyone! Jax here, and I’m pretty confused. Now, a few days after Bobbi Kristina Brown was found in her bathtub, and admitted to the hospital, doctors told the family that because they feel she was without oxygen to her brain for maybe as much as half an hour, the chances of her coming out of her coma would be slim. The news got worse and worse, and finally told the family that it may be time to remove her from life support. However, there were also stories from Bobbi Kristina’s aunt that her niece is improving.

This morning though, the story that the doctors working on Bobbi Kristina Brown has remained the same as it has since last Saturday, and that is that Bobbi Kristina is still the same as she was when the incident in her bathtub first happened. The question everyone is asking now is… What is the truth? Her family says Bobbi Kristina is on her way back and improving, yet doctors are saying she has not changed at all. Who is telling the truth? Is the family grasping at straws, or is Bobbi Kristina really beating the odds and getting better?

The question people are asking now is how long is the family going to wait to see if Bobbi Kristina Brown wakes up? Could it be that the family is just trying to be positive even though there has been no change since last Saturday?  The world is praying that Bobbi Kristina really is improving because it would be tragic for one so young to have to be removed from life support.

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