Bobbi Kristina Brown Is Dying – Sources Close to Family Claim She Doesn’t Have Long To Live

Bobbi Kristina Brown Is Dying – Sources Close to Family Claim She Doesn’t Have Long To Live

Good morning everyone, and Happy Valentine’s Day! I wish I had better news this morning, but unfortunately I don’t, and for all of you that are following the continuing saga of Bobbi Kristina Brown, and despite how much hope her family has, it looks as though the human body is going to trump everything. Sources close to the family have revealed that Bobbi Kristina Brown is dying.

Today marks two weeks that the 21-year-old daughter of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston was found in a bathtub, and though her family keeps insisting the young woman is getting better, doctors claim her condition has remained the same since that day she was admitted. One of Bobbi Kristina’s relatives, her aunt, keep saying that Bobbi is getting better, but the fact is, she is not, and now sources say that she is dying. Her organs are beginning to fail, and now it is only a matter of time before she does pass on whether her family takes her off of life support or not.

Honestly, this news is not shocking because everyone in the world was preparing for the fact that Bobbi Kristina Brown might not ever recover, but the fact she is that with some people on life support, they can live for years like that, but that is not the case with Bobbi Kristina.

Bobby Brown has been stating all this time that God will save his daughter, and he has not been open at all to the idea of removing Bobbi Kristina Brown from life support, even though the doctors told him that the chance of her recovering were almost non-existent. However, now, it looks as though the decision is not going to matter because Bobbi Kristina’s body is giving out.

This is really terrible news, but not that surprising, considering the fact Bobbi Kristina has been in a coma now for two weeks, but hopefully soon, she will be at peace.

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