Two Year Anniversary of Reeva Steenkamp’s Murder

Two Year Anniversary of Reeva Steenkamp’s Murder

Hey gang, Jax here, and today is Valentine’s Day, and while it is a celebration of life, it is also a remembrance for the death of a young woman that was making a name for herself in the modeling world, Reea Steenkamp. However, Reeva Steenkamp was seen in public with Oscar Pistorius, and the two of them were very much an item. However, while the two of them were supposedly in love, what got Reeva Steenkamp more headlines than anything else was the fact that on the night of Valentine’s Day 2013, the young woman with the bright future was dead at the hands of the man she loved, Oscar Pistorius.

What happened to Reeva Steenkamp? According to Oscar Pistorious himself, he and Reeva were in bed when he heard a noise coming from the bathroom. Pistorius stated that the area he lived in was having issues with burglary, and when he heard noise coming from bathroom, he thought a burglar had broken in and for some reason, was in the bathroom.  Quietly, Pistorius got a gun from under his bed, and then he went to the bathroom, yelled for Reeva to call the police, and then fired through the door. However, after everything got quiet and when Oscar Pistorius broke the door down, he found Reeva Steenkamp on the toilet bleeding. Within a few minutes of discovering his girlfriend bleeding, Reeve Steenkamp was dead, and the authorities had a lot of questions for the famous athlete.

To make a long story short, the tale Oscar Pistorius told the authorities was quite a strange one, and he ended up arrested and charged with her death.  In March of 2014, the trial of Oscar Pistorius began, and it lasted for quite a while. When the verdict was handed down, Oscar Pistorius was found guilty of culpable homicide, and sentenced to 5 years in a South African prison.

Oscar Pistorius will be eligible for parole after serving only 10 months, but the loss of Reeva Steenkamp is something that supposedly affected Oscar Pistorius terrible, and even during the trial, the professional athlete cried and wailed many times on the stand.  Pistorius claimed that he loved Steenkamp, and the way that she died was truly an accident and he would miss her for the rest of his life.

Today, the Steenkamp family still grieves for the loss of their beloved Reeva Steenkamp, but whether or not they are satisfied with Oscar Pistorious being in jail is unknown. However, Reeva will always be in their hearts, and they will remember her every year on Valentine’s Day.

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