SNL: 40 Years Of Funny

SNL: 40 Years Of Funny

40 great years. That’s what we’ve been given so far from the cast and crew of Saturday Night Live. Kicking the momentous occasion off with a line up of a star studded cast which included Adam Sandler, Eddie Murphy, Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, and many other’s that began their careers on the very show they were celebrating.

With old familiar skitz, and a montage of old ones. The cast was able to look back fondly at the moments they shared on the small screen. Watching their performances, well, it wasn’t hard to see superstardom in their future.

As for those that are no longer with us, and weren’t able to appear on the celebratory episode. Friends, families, and co-workers spoke of them in good faith, and even the show hosted clips of their best work.

With an amazing turnout, sky high ratings, and fond memories. We look forward for another 40 years, and many, many more.

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