President Obama Reads Mean Tweets

President Obama Reads Mean Tweets

Thursday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live featured a presidential edition of “Mean Tweets”. The segment usually features celebrities reading unfriendly tweets of them by written by people.  Barack Obama flew to LA by Air Force One to make an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, an appearance that had been postponed from a year before. Obama participated in the beloved tradition, “Mean Tweets”.

Below is just one of the tweets which were read by Obama during the segment:

In which Obama commented and said, “Great Idea!”.

Jimmy Kimmel told the crowd at SXSW Interactive that Obama’s staff reviewed the tweets in advance but that the president didn’t go through them until just before the show.

When Kimmel complimented the forty-forth president on his good sense of humor, Obama responded, “Those weren’t that mean. You should see what the Senate says about me.”

There were around 40 vehicles that accompanied Obama as he journeyed to Hollywood Studios. Obama faced criticism by those who were affected by the traffic. Some suggested he should have appeared on the show via Skype.

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