10 Things You Weren’t Told about Childbirth

10 Things You Weren’t Told about Childbirth

Childbirth is exciting, rewarding, frustrating, and it can be painful.  A lot of women have fears about childbirth and the stories that are told from relatives and friends don’t help.  There’s so many women who fear the worst and work themselves up over childbirth due to horror stories and other factors, but here are 10 things about childbirth that you will not be told about it.

10. The Water Break Myth

When people think of water breaking, they think it’s an embarrassing moment where there’s a big gush of water that explodes everywhere and makes a big mess in front of everyone.  This is simply a myth.  In reality, when a woman’s water breaks, it’s not a big show for everyone to see and it’s not like a big water fountain that continues to run.  When the water breaks, it’s more of a trickle affect instead of a gushing geyser. It’s a feeling of peeing on yourself without you being able to control it.

9. Your Water Broke, Now What?

Contrary to the popular belief of many people, when your water breaks, there’s no need to rush to the hospital or act crazy.  The signal to go to the hospital immediately is when your contractions are close together.  The closer your contractions are, the closer you are to being able to push and meet your new bundle of joy.

8. Contractions are the Worst for Many Women

Many women have a fear of the pain of pushing the baby out, but for a lot of women say the contractions are the hardest part.  When the contractions begin, you will be able to feel your insides expand for the body to come through and make its great escape.  For some women, contractions are not an issue and for others, it’s the closest feeling to death.

7. The Epidural

Some women fear the epidural and others look forward to it.  Contractions are too much pain for some women, and the epidural helps them get through the contractions by easing the pain.  A lot of people are afraid of the needle, but many women say you don’t feel a thing because the area where the spinal space is located is numbed before the needle is placed within the space located in the spine.

6. Going to the Bathroom during Labor

A lot of women feel they have to go to the bathroom during labor and this is normal.  Unfortunately, the doctor and nurses will not let you use the bathroom.  Regardless of whether you have to do #1 or #2, you will have to do everything right there.  A lot of women are embarrassed, but take comfort in it’s nothing they haven’t seen or experienced before.

5. The Delivery Person

Many women are surprised when their primary care physician is not the person who delivers their baby.  In a lot of instances, the doctors who are on call in the hospital will be the doctor who will deliver your baby.  If your doctor makes trips to the hospital you are going to, there is a good chance you will have your prenatal care doctor delivering your new addition to the family.

4. After the Delivery of the Baby

Many women are under the impression the deliver process is done once they deliver their baby.  Unfortunately, you have one more hurdle to cross until you can say you’re done.  Once you deliver the baby, you have to deliver the placenta.  The placenta is what the baby is encased in for protection until it arrives.

3. If My Water Doesn’t Break?

So there’s the million dollar question: what if my water doesn’t break?  If your water doesn’t break, there’s no need to worry.  It may seem scary at first, but the doctor will use an instrument that looks like a hook to break your water.  Some women say they don’t feel a thing and other women say it’s rather uncomfortable.

2. Learn to Relax

One thing doctors can’t stress enough to pregnant women is learning to relax.  When you stress your body during labor, it can prolong labor and cause it to be more painful.  You need to learn how to relax and breathe through the contractions as best you can.

1. Find Your Happy Place

The one thing you need to keep in mind when you are in labor is finding your happy place.  Whether you wish to listen to music, read, get a massage or anything else you can think of, find a place you can go in your mind to be happy and relax.  Make sure your birthing environment is as calm and peaceful as possible.

Here are 10 things you may want to keep in mind before and during labor.  A lot of people won’t tell you these 10 things about labor, but now you know!  Keep these things in mind when the big time arrives.

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