Argentinian Judge Orders Justin Bieber Arrested

Argentinian Judge Orders Justin Bieber Arrested

Hello Trenders! Justin Bieber is trying to clean up his act, but it looks like there are forces preventing it from happening. The latest news about Justin Bieber is not good because a judge in Argentina has ordered the 21-year-old pop star be arrested.  Back in 2013, a photographer came forward with a story that Justin Bieber told his guards to attack him when he tried to photograph the pop start leaving a club. Even though representatives for Justin Bieber claim that the issue was fixed and over, the judge in the case ordered for him to be arrested.

What does this mean? This basically means that if Justin Bieber tries to enter the country of Argentina, he will be immediately taken into custody.

Justin Bieber better get this resolved or he will never be able to return to Argentina without facing consequences.

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