Beyonce Spotted At Coachella Festival

Beyonce Spotted At Coachella Festival

Morning everyone and Jax is here with some news for you all from the great music festival, Coachella. There have been plenty of celebrities spotted, and now Beyonce has joined the party.  Beyonce took her private plane, and the moment she joined the party she could not wait to dance!

How many of you are tracking the Coachella festival? Well, reports are coming in about all the celebrities, they way they are dressing, and the surprising things they are doing!

When we get more information on Coachella, we’ll be sure to post it so stay tuned to the Trend Guys as the festival goes on!

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Jax is a freelance writer and Titanic historian who has been passionate about writing her whole life. She is new to The Trend guys but plans to devote that passion and energy to entertaining its readers for many years to come.

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