Top 6 Easter Activities For Children

Top 6 Easter Activities For Children

Easter is a cause for celebration for many people, young and old.  A lot of people are looking for ways to incorporate their children in the holiday and get them in the spirit of Easter.  Here are six activities children can participate in and have a great time.

1. Dying Easter Eggs

Dying Easter eggs are the primary symbol of Easter for children.  Dying Easter eggs and easy and fun.  It can be messy if you are not careful.  In order to dye Easter eggs, make sure you have the basic colors at least, such as yellow, orange, red, green, blue, and purple.  You can mix and math different colors and make tie dye Easter eggs.  Use the wax crayon that comes with many Easter egg dying kits to make different designs and creations.

2. Easter Egg Hunt

An Easter egg hunt is another symbol of Easter for many children.  Parents strategically place plastic eggs filled with treats around their home for children to find.  The plastic eggs are usually filled with jelly beans and other treats that excite children and motivate them to find as many hidden eggs as possible.

3. Easter Party

There is nothing better than an Easter party for everyone to enjoy.  A lot of people celebrate Easter in different ways.  Some people have cookouts or BBQs and invite their friends, relatives and neighbors, and

others choose to cook indoors and have a meal that usually includes ham, potato salad rolls and macaroni and cheese.  Don’t forget the cake for the party!  Some people purchase expensive Easter cakes while other people keep it plain and simple and still have something for dessert after the holiday meal.

4. Hiding Easter Eggs

Hiding Easter eggs will never get old.  The new tradition is to let children hide the eggs and let adults find them.  You can spend the entire day switching off from who finds the eggs and hides them.  This is a great day of fun for the entire family.

5. Making Easter Eggs

When you make Easter eggs, there are a lot of different things you can do.  You can use rice krispy treats or any other cereal you would like to make your Easter eggs.  All you need are marshmallows.  Use a plastic egg as your mold and fill it with the mixture of your choice.  You can make Easter eggs with Jell-O if you would like.  You will need to make sure you let the Jell-O set for at least 24 hours and remove the gel from the mold.  Use a silicone egg mold to ensure easy transfer.

6. Decorating for Easter

A lot of people enjoy decorating the home for Easter.  Decorating the home is one great way to incorporate children in holiday activities.  Decorating is an awesome way to get children active and away from the television, video games, and other things.  Children have a sense of belonging when they are involved in family activities.  Decorations make celebrating holidays better and brighter!

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