‘Mall Cop 2’ Slammed By Critics

‘Mall Cop 2’ Slammed By Critics

Hey  Trenders! Jax here! Well, Mall Cop 2 came out yesterday, and wow do the critics hate this Kevin James movie! The first Mall Cop had some funny moments in it, and was a hit ,but this second one… Wow its being slammed hard as nothing more than a lame movie with a lot of Las Vegas product placement in it! Well for those of you that haven’t seen it, here is the trailer for the movie:

The story goes that Paul Blart moves up to the big time, which is Las Vegas and the Wynn Hotel, and while there, some gang of baddies wants to rob the casino. Well, it sounds interesting, and the trailer doesn’t look that bad, but apparently that’s where the fun stops. Critics claim that the movie is very unfunny, and is nothing more than a shameless promotion for the Wynn Hotel. Perhaps, the Las Vegas Tourist Bureau wanted to beef up tourism and asked Kevin James to help! However, this movie may hurt Las Vegas tourism more than help it if the movie is as bad as the critics are saying.

So, Trenders, have any of you seen Mall Cop 2, and if so, are the critics right? I want to know what you think of the movie, so please comment all about it!

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