Shia LaBeouf Makes Appearance At Tribeca Festival

Shia LaBeouf Makes Appearance At Tribeca Festival

Hey Gang! Jax here! Well look who is back from rehab, and making an appearance at the Tribeca Film Festival! You guessed it, Shai LaBeouf! Apparently, he appeared at Tribeca sporting a new look, and its a rather interesting one!

Shai was at the Tribeca Film Festival promoting a movie he produced named “Love True.” This is the first time anyone has really seen him since he was in rehab, and he appears to be in a lot better health than he was last year. When asked about his stint in rehab, Shai LeBeouf compared it to method acting, but whatever he calls it, it seems to have done him some good!

Hopefully now, Shai LaBeouf can get himself back on the right track, and maybe he will even get back into making movies. So what do you all think? Do you think that this is a new start for the trouble actor, or is he going to go back to his strange ways of making headlines?

Personally, I hope that Shai is all right now and will get back into movies because despite the craziness these past few years, he does have talent as an actor.

Stay tuned to the Trend Guys for more information about Shai LeBeouf, and when we know something, we’ll share it with all of you!

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