“Unfriended” Redefines Found Footage Horror

“Unfriended” Redefines Found Footage Horror

Hello Trenders! Jax here, and how many of you are going to see Unfriended this weekend? Well the movie is making headlines not only because of its cyberbullying plot, but the fact that it is now considered a found footage movie. For those of you that haven’t seen it, here is the trailer:


How can a computer movie be found footage? Well the answer is simple… it all takes place on one girl’s laptop, which makes for a very interesting movie just for that alone. No more finding video tapes in the backpack ala Blair Witch Project because we have gone digital now and remember, Blair Witch was 16 years ago, and boy has the world changed in that time!

Perhaps, Unfriended teaches all of us a lesson that yes, we do rely on technology too much, but also that bullying is wrong on any level, even a cyber one because whether you are using your fists or not, bullying is a form of torture that can lead to suicide.  If one good thing comes out of Unfriended, it should be that bullying is a serious problem that needs to be dealt with whether its in a classroom or on a computer screen.

Unfriended has a lot of competition at the box office, but it will no doubt hold its own, and its now going to take found footage in a whole new direction because it all takes place on a single computer screen, which definitely makes for an interesting movie!

Any of you all seen Unfriended? Well post a comment and we can talk about it and what you thought of it!


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