Zachary Levi and Missy Peregrym File For Divorce

Zachary Levi and Missy Peregrym File For Divorce

Hello Trenders! Jax is here with another story about the end of a celebrity marriage. Zachary Levi and Missy Peregrym have filed for divorce, and the sad thing is that they have been married for less than a year.

Peregrym filed for divorce, and claims that she and Levi have been separated since December 3rd.  The couple got married on June 16, 2014, and the pair got married in the most romantic spot ever, Hawaii.  As of right now, there is very little information about what happened, but then again, the couple was pretty secretive about getting married in the first place.

If we do get more information about this story, we will be sure to post it so stay turned to the Trend Guys!

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