Robert Downey Jr Posts Avengers Cast Photo On Instagram

Robert Downey Jr Posts Avengers Cast Photo On Instagram

Hello Trenders! Robert Downey Jr has recently joined Instagram, and he has been quite the busy little Iron Man posting images from the Avengers 2 press tour. Today, Downey posted quite a few images, and this great cast image from the Buckingham Palace Grounds. Here is that great image:


Its apparently been a great press tour, and Robert Downey Jr has posted images from all around the world, which shows just how many people truly love the Avengers movies, and are anxiously awaiting the sequel, which is set to come out on May 1st.

One thing you may not notice is the man on the left with the brown suit. Do you all know who that is? Well that is the voice of Jarvis, Paul Bettany! Its really nice to see Bettany with the rest of the Avengers! Hey, computer voices need love too you know and he had to do his best just as much as every other cast member even if he does not appear on screen.

Stay tuned to the Trend Guys for more information about the new Avengers 2 movie, and if Robert Downey Jr posts more great pictures, we will be sure to put them on the page for you all to see and enjoy.

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