New Poltergeist Poster and Featurette Released

New Poltergeist Poster and Featurette Released

Good morning Trenders! Jax here with the latest movie news. Poltergeist came out in 1982, and now, a little over 30 years later, a remake is coming out. Now, I wasn’t very old when the first movie came out, and it was a great movie that scared me to death as a youngster. So, the idea of it being remade does not exactly thrill me. However, if you all want to check out the featurette, here it is!

Well, I do agree that this movie would be a new take on an old tale, and yes it would be more modern since cell phones, and Sam Raimi stated he was a huge fan of the original movie, and that does give me some comfort. However, I then think about Spiderman 3, and my comfort goes right out the window because Raimi was involved in that too, and I still have nightmares about Tobey Maguire strutting down the street with his collar turned up. However, I will admit the featurette does look promising, right?

Poltergeist is coming out May 22nd, and at that time, we will all get to see if Sam Raimi was right or if he totally destroyed how cool the first Poltergeist movie was.

Stay tuned to the Trend Guys for more information about the Poltergeist remake as it becomes available!

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