Patridge Family Star Dead At Age 52

Patridge Family Star Dead At Age 52

Hello Trenders! Well it seems that another celebrity has gone and left us far too soon. How many of you all remember The Partridge Family? Do you all remember the youngest girl, Suzanne? Well her name was Suzanne Crough, and I’m very sad to tell you all that she passed away at the age of 52.

As of right now, the family of Suzanne Crough has no answer as to what happened to her, but they did say her death was sudden. Once the Partridge Family was over, she settled down to a normal life out of the Hollywood spotlight. Crough had a career working in an Office Max as a manager, and she did reunited with her TV family back in 2010.

Crough is survived by her two daughter, and we express our sincere condolences to her family for their loss. When we have more information about what happened to Suzanne Crough, we wll be sure to let you all know right away.

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