Vin Diesel to Hunt Evil in ‘Last Witch Hunter’ Movie

Vin Diesel to Hunt Evil in ‘Last Witch Hunter’ Movie

Hello Trenders! Jax here with some exciting news. How many of you love Vin Diesel movies and want to see more of him on the big screen? Well guess what? After seeing him tons of times in the Fast & Furious 7 movies, all you Diesel fans will be happy to know that he’s going to start in another movie called The Last Witch Hunter.  Sounds interesting right? Apparently, Vin Diesel is some sort of holy crusader against evil, and we have the trailer here for you all to check out!  Here it is!

Now, this new movie also stars Elijah Wood and Michael Caine too! What do you guys think of it? Seem interesting? Seem like something you might want to see?  Well the movie is set to come out October 23, 2015.

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