Sistine Stallone Is On The Job Hunt!

Sistine Stallone Is On The Job Hunt!

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Now, we don’t mean any offense what-so-ever to Sylvester Stallone, because he’s certainly a living legend in his own right — but would you believe me if I told you that his daughter, Sistine Stallone, 16, is an aspiring model? As a matter of fact, in her latest Instagram update, she’s walking the streets of New York, as she’s on a job hunt. She captioned the photo:

Interviews in NYC

The caption above accompanied the following photo:

Interviews in NYC

A photo posted by SISTINE STALLONE (@sistinestallone) on

Is it just me, or does that bicycle off to the side seriously look like it needs a new rear tire?

Want to see more photos of the amazingly beautiful Sistine Stallone? Well, she’s posted up quite a few stunning pictures on her Instagram page that you can check out.

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