You Need These Awesome Ted 2 Toys In Your Life!

You Need These Awesome Ted 2 Toys In Your Life!

Hey everyone, Steven here from The Trend Guys and with Ted 2 being a hot trending topic at the moment, since it’s going to hit theaters tomorrow, June 25th, 2015, I decided to share some Ted 2 toys that I’ve found around the web.

Some of these toys I was only able to find on the web, but some I’ve actually seen in real life and messed around with them. So, let’s go ahead and get right to the point. Below you’ll find some of the coolest Ted 2 toys out there.

Ted – The Movie

ted unrated movie poster


First of all, before we even get started with the toys, you’re going to need the first Ted movie on DVD or Blu-ray. That way, when you buy one of the toys below, you’ll have a hilarious flick to watch with your thunder buddy. So, go ahead and pick up the movie.

16″ Talking Ted Teddy Bear w/ 5 R-Rated Phrases & Moving Mouth

16 inch talking ted plush with moving mouth


Want to sit on the couch and watch Ted with your favorite thunder buddy? Maybe you’ll even want to take Ted to the theater with you to watch Ted 2. Either way, you can do exactly that with this talking 16″ Ted plush.

Talking Ted Bobble Head

talking ted bobble head


This is the perfect toy if you’d like to take Ted to work with you. Either that, or you could easily put this guy on the dashboard of your car, so Ted could always keep you company while cruising down the road.

24″ Talking Ted in Suit w/ Moving Mouth

24 inch talking ted toy in a suit



This is a huge Ted toy that’s ready for any job interview, as he’s all dressed up in a suit. So, if you want a formal thunder buddy, this is the Ted toy for you! Just like the talking Ted toy above, this plush toy says five different r-rated phrases and his mouth moves.

24″ Talking Ted Toy in Tuxedo w/ Moving Mouth

talking ted doll in tuxedo


Ted is all dressed up and ready to hit the town in his little tuxedo. Without a doubt, he’s ready to be a hit on any date or at any formal event. Just like the talking Ted toy above, this toy is able to talk, and does have a moving mouth.

R-rated Talking Ted Coffee Mug

ted coffee cup


Do you like coffee? Do you like Ted? Well, why not combine them? Want to take Ted and his hilarious quotes to work with you? This talking Ted coffee cup is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Talking Ted Backpack Clip w/ Sound

talking ted backpack clip


Are you a student? Do you want to take Ted to school with you? If so, you can clip Ted on your backpack and let all the kids at school KNOW you’re a freakin’ bad ass.

R-rated Talking Ted Pen

talking ted pen


Whether you’re going to school or work, this talking Ted pen is ready to make you laugh your ass off. Keep in mind, this is the R-rated version, so you may not want to use it while the boss or teacher is around.

Ted 2 Pop Vinyl Figure w/ Beer

ted 2 pop vinyl figure


This is the only official Ted 2 toy that I’ve found so far, and is also one of the cheapest toys on the list, but it’s still great. I keep pop vinyl figures on my desk while I work.

Rasta Talking Ted Doll

talking rasta ted doll


This is the perfect companion to smoke some ganja with! This talking Ted doll is outfitted in some rasta gear and will make you laugh your ass off with his built-in dialogue.

R-rated 14″ Talking Ted Plush Pillow

talking ted pillow


What lady out there doesn’t want to take Ted to bed with them? You can take Ted to bed with you every single night by laying your head on this comfortable pillow.

Ted Magnet Set

ted magnets


Have your thunder buddy pinned right to your refrigerator with this Ted magnet set! Plus, you can dress him up however you like.

R-rated Ted Talking Golf Club Cover

talking ted golf club cover


Do you have more money than brains? Want to prove you’re the ultimate golf-douche at the next get-together with your overpaid friends? If so, you’re going to love this talking Ted golf club cover! It’s $125, so if you buy this thing, you probably deserve to be beaten to death by your own golf clubs, but this is still a pretty damn cool Ted toy.

What are some of your favorite Ted toys that you’ve seen while out and about? Do you have any comments on the toys above? If so, leave a comment below. Also, if any of you go to see Ted 2, please leave a comment below and let me know how it is.

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