16 Features We Want To See On YouTube Gaming

16 Features We Want To See On YouTube Gaming

Hey everyone, Steven A.K.A OrangeSlyce here from The Trend Guys and I’m bringing you one of the hottest trending topics of today.

So, YouTube has announced that they’re going to enter the video game streaming market by launching a new service called YouTube Gaming sometime over the summer in 2015. Basically, they’re going to allow gamers to broadcast their gameplay around the world. This service will be very similar to sites like Twitch, UStream, and HitBox.

I’m a streamer myself, and have been foaming at the mouth for YouTube to launch their own game streaming service. In other words, I’m a happy camper right now! Therefore, make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel, because YouTube Gaming is where I’ll be streaming exclusively when the service is released.

Below are some things that I think YouTube should implement in their new streaming service. If you have any ideas or comments, make sure you leave them below.

#1: Channel Profile

It’s important that streamers be able to have a profile for their channel that they can edit. This should allow streamers to set up information that they’d like their viewers to know, as well as having a displayed schedule, so people will know when to expect their favorite streamers to go live.

#2: Mobile App

Let’s hope that YouTube gets their developers working on a mobile app for the YouTube game streaming platform. No, I’m not talking about making this a built-in feature in the already existing YouTube app, either. We need our own stand-alone app that’s optimized specifically for YouTube Gaming.

Also, if they include chat functionality, it needs to be easy for users to communicate in chat with others. I feel like I need to mention this, because the app for the HitBox streaming service isn’t that accommodating when it comes to users looking to participate in the chat room.

#3: Ability For Channel Moderators

We’re sure YouTube has a great staff on-hand, but it’s imperative that they allow channel owners to promote certain users to channel moderators. That way, when viewers come in and inevitably misbehave and spam the chat — channel moderators will be able to ban / suspend / kick these users.

#4: Chat Functionality

One of my favorite things about streaming my gameplay is being able to communicate with my audience. Therefore, it’s extremely important that each streamer gets their own chat room that viewers can participate in. This feature should also be included on the mobile app.

#5: An Official YouTube Gaming Chat Bot

If you’ve ever streamed on Twitch, you’ve likely used a chat bot, such as Nightbot. As for HitBox, you’ve probably found yourself using something like MeowBot. These chat bots are amazing, as they’re able to check for channel spam and act accordingly. However, there’s so much more to these bots, such as:

  • Timed Messages
  • Spam Protection
  • Welcome Messages
  • Subscriber Alerts
  • Donation Alerts
  • Song Requests
  • and much more…

This is just the tip of the iceberg. With Twitch and HitBox, these chat bots have been created by third-party users. It would be cool if YouTube actually created an official chat bot that you could use in your stream.

#6: Auto-Save Videos To YouTube Channel

Let’s hope YouTube enables a feature that will allow your broadcasts to be saved directly to your YouTube channel once you’ve concluded a broadcast.

#7: Notifications

I have no doubt that this feature will be included, but it’s worth mentioning. When a streamer goes live, his subscribers / followers should receive a notification letting them know that they’re streaming.

#8: Connect Social Media Accounts

Streamers should be able to connect their social media accounts with their YouTube Gaming channel. That way, when they go to broadcast, they can easily share their broadcast with their social media following and friends.

#9: No Lag

Twitch has a monstrous amount of lag while you’re streaming. Therefore, your viewers don’t see what you see until about 20-30 seconds after it’s happened. HitBox is much better about this, only having a lag time of about 3-5 seconds, so we know it’s totally possible to reduce the amount of stream lag. It would be nice if YouTube Gaming had no lag at all, but that may be asking a bit too much. Let’s just hope if there is lag, it’s more like HitBox’s little bit of lag, rather than Twitch’s insane amount of lag.

#10: Co-Host / Co-Streaming Options

This is something that no one has yet, but it’s badly needed. Now, I know you can host other streamers, but it would be nice if you could include other streamers as part of your broadcast. In other words, you’d be able to have a duel stream. There are ways to do this, as I’ve done it before myself, but you do have to be a bit tech savvy to pull it off. It would be nice if this were just an included feature.

#11: YouTube Gaming Overlay Builder / Templates

Let’s face it; everyone wants a bad ass overlay on their stream. Sure, there are plenty of stream overlay sites out there that will allow you to download editable templates, but it would be awesome if YouTube just implemented some pre-made themes to choose from, or even included a stream overlay generator / builder. That way, we won’t have to rely on third-party sources.

#12: Follower Alerts

While streaming, I was always told how awesome my follower alert was. Granted, it’s not terribly hard to setup a follower alert, but you will have to use a third-party provider in order to have one. YouTube Gaming should have this feature enabled right off the bat and allow each streamer to upload their own custom follower alerts.

#13: Subscription System

Granted, YouTube does offer a partnership program that allows YouTubers to make some extra cash off of their channel. However, it would be nice if YouTube Gaming had a subscription system similar to Twitch’s that will allow people to subscribe to your channel for a monthly fee. These subscribed users would then have access to special features that regular viewers would not have.

#14: Subscription Alerts

If YouTube implements a subscription system, they should also implement a subscription alert system. This system would be similar to the follower alert system, but for subscribers instead.

#15: Donation System

Hopefully YouTube will enable a feature that allows viewers to donate to their favorite streamers. You can do this on other streaming platforms, but you have to use a third-party source.

#16: Donation Alerts

If YouTube Gaming has a donation system, they should also enable a donation alert feature. This would be like the subscription alert system and the follower alert system. Whenever a user donates money, a notification will popup on the stream.

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