This Blind Golden Retriever Was Abandoned, But Look At Him Now!

This Blind Golden Retriever Was Abandoned, But Look At Him Now!

Hey everyone, Steven here from The Trend Guys and today I’m going to share a trending topic that’s also insanely inspiring.

Kanga, the name of the Golden Retriever in this story, was found abandoned in a field. Not only was this dog homeless, but Kanga was also blind. In addition to being blind, Kanga also had congenital defects in his paws, so it was extremely difficult for Kanga to walk around like a normal dog, but it wasn’t impossible!

The volunteers that cared for Kanga believed that the original owner of Kanga had noble intentions, but Kanga’s disabilities were just far too difficult to care for. Things were looking for Kanga, but this dog has the heart of a lion, and didn’t give up.

It took nearly a year for Kanga to find a home, but his current owner, John, says that he and Kanga shared an immediate connection.

At first he bumped around would react like a normal dog who has sight. It takes a little bit of extra work as opposed to adopting a seeing dog. But it gives me such pleasure in seeing him kind of find his way around my house.

John also mentioned that his other dog was able to help Kanga navigate his way around the home by the sound of his footsteps. After only a few days, Kanga was making his way through-out John’s house without incident.

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