10 Things You Should Know About The Black Ops 3 Beta

10 Things You Should Know About The Black Ops 3 Beta

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A lot of games are pumped right now, because the Black Ops 3 beta was released yesterday and the servers have been flooded with people just aching to try out the latest installment into the Call of Duty franchise. I’m one of these people, and there’s some things you should know about the Black Ops 3 beta, which I’ve listed out below.

1. Handheld Tacticals & Lethals (Grenades, etc…) Weigh 50lbs

No, I’m not being serious — sort of. One of the first things that you’ll notice about Black Ops 3 is the fact that you can’t throw grenades very far. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. Since it’s different from other CoD games, you’re going to have problems adjusting to only being able to throw grenades a few feet in front of you. However, this also means that nooblets can’t just chuck random ass grenades the length of the map and kill you.

2. The Competition is Stiff

Some people were able to get the game earlier than others — even weeks before everyone else. Therefore, you’re going to run into some really stiff competition.

3. The Maps Are Extremely Small

There are currently three playable maps on the beta, and all of them are fairly small. In other words, don’t expect to have any epic longshot battles.

4. It’s A Camper’s Paradise

The maps may be extremely small, but the designs are also very intricate. There are tons of places for people to hide, and that’s exactly what they do.

5. You Better Have Good Internet

My friend has connectivity issues from time-to-time, and I told him that he’s going to have some major issues with Black Ops 3, because 95% of your shootouts are going to come down to whoever gets the drop on the other player. This is due to the maps being so small, people having the ability to run on walls, boost jumps, etc… Expect someone to be around every single corner — seriously.

6. The Graphics Are Horrible

The game is in beta right now, so expect to see some horrible graphics for the time being.

7. There Are Explosives and Flashbangs… Everywhere

Everyone has access to grenades, tactical weapons, rocket launchers, specials, etc… In other words, shit is constantly blowing up all around you. When you mix this with small maps, you’re in for some seriously frustrating time. The best you can do is to equip flak jacket.

8. It Takes Too Long to Download

I have tons of people on my friends list that weren’t able to play on launch day, because the download is 12gb’s in size and takes forever to download through the Playstation Network. Some people even had wait times of 26 hours.

9. Expect Some Glitches

I experienced a glitch during a game of domination in which the Halftime scoreboard and stats overlay was stuck on my screen while I was trying to play the second round. As you can imagine, this made playing the game extremely difficult.

10. The Music is Nice

One good thing about Black Ops 3 is the in-game music. Each round starts off with some bad ass-sounding metal music.

What do you think of Black Ops 3?

Do you have the beta of the game? If so, let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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