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Amazing Karate Kick Video

Amazing Karate Kick Video

This Karate Kid Has Some Skills

Check out this video of the real Karate kid delivering a monster kick that knocks the living shit out of his opponent. What looks like a normal competition quickly turns into what looks like a scene from a fighting movie.

[youtube id=”7DOIUcbRu4M#!” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Now I bet you want to start taking Karate classes.…

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UFC 159…Are you ready?

ufc 159

As many of you may know, UFC 159 is right around the corner and we just wanted to reach out and see who is pumped up for the event. If you’ve been following the current season of The Ultimate Fighter, you know that Sonnen and Jones haven’t really been at each others throats like we anticipated but they should put on a good show. Sonnen is going to come out and come right at Jones like no other fighter ever has before and Jones is aiming to pick Sonnen apart, stuff takedowns, and maybe land a takedown of his own …

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Dana White vs Vince McMahon: Who Wins?

dana white vs vince mcmahon

By the title of the post, you can probably guess what this one is about. We recently learned via a video interview with UFC President Dana White that Vince McMahon once challenged him to a fight and Dana White declined as he said Vince was “too old.” While a lot of people will agree that may be the case now, we are leaning towards Vince winning a fight had it take place about 10 years ago with little to no notice. Basically, what we think is that if the fight had took place 10 years ago and neither one had …

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Hilarious! Check out Joe Rogan’s Reaction to Dana White Announcing Female TUF Coaches for the Next Season of The Ultimate Fighter

Joe Rogan Reaction

We feel your pain, Joe.

Joe Rogan legitimately looked confused as hell when Dana White announced the next coaches for TUF. Sadly, I think we all feel the same way as Joe Rogan in this video.

The announcement of the next coaches for TUF is quite disappointing. I honestly feel bad for the contestants.

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Joe Rogan Says There’s No Way That Fallon Fox, A Transgender MMA Fighter, Should Be Allowed to Fight Women


Joe Rogan Goes on a Rant About Fallon Fox on His Podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan is known for being a very opinionated individual and he certainly has an opinion about Fallon Fox, who is a transgender MMA fighter. He’s saying that there’s “no fucking way” that Fallon Fox should be allowed to fight a natural woman in the cage.

Joe Rogan runs his own podcast show known as “The Joe Rogan Experience” and he decided to voice his opinion about Fallon Fox.

Joe Rogan’s Opinion on Fallon Fox:

She calls herself a woman but … I tend

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