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You Need These Awesome Ted 2 Toys In Your Life!

ted 2 toys

Hey everyone, Steven here from The Trend Guys and with Ted 2 being a hot trending topic at the moment, since it’s going to hit theaters tomorrow, June 25th, 2015, I decided to share some Ted 2 toys that I’ve found around the web.

Some of these toys I was only able to find on the web, but some I’ve actually seen in real life and messed around with them. So, let’s go ahead and get right to the point. Below you’ll find some of the coolest Ted 2 toys out there.…

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New Poster Released of Ben Affleck as Batman


Hello Trenders! Jax here! Ready for another look at the Batman VS Superman movie? Well today, there is a new poster of Ben Affleck at Batman. Now, this is the first time we see Batman without Superman being with him. Ready to check out the poster? Well without further ado, here it is!



So, what do you all think? Is it me or does it look like an Old West wanted posted back from the 1800s? Or maybe that’s the point! What do you think of this poster? I know that some of you are not thrilled that Christian …

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Vin Diesel to Hunt Evil in ‘Last Witch Hunter’ Movie


Hello Trenders! Jax here with some exciting news. How many of you love Vin Diesel movies and want to see more of him on the big screen? Well guess what? After seeing him tons of times in the Fast & Furious 7 movies, all you Diesel fans will be happy to know that he’s going to start in another movie called The Last Witch Hunter.  Sounds interesting right? Apparently, Vin Diesel is some sort of holy crusader against evil, and we have the trailer here for you all to check out!  Here it is!

Now, this new movie also …

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Robert Downey Jr and Jeremy Renner Ring NYSE Bell


Hello everyone! Jax is here with more movie news. Since Avengers 2 has been opening around the world, and will open up May 1st here in the US, the stars have been doing a lot to promote it. Today, Robert Downey Jr, and co-star, Jeremy Renner got to ring the bell at the New York Stock Exchange. Robert Downey even posted a little video about it on his Instagram!

So how many of you are excited to see the new Avengers movie this Friday here in the United States? The movie has been breaking records all around the world, …

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New Poltergeist Poster and Featurette Released


Good morning Trenders! Jax here with the latest movie news. Poltergeist came out in 1982, and now, a little over 30 years later, a remake is coming out. Now, I wasn’t very old when the first movie came out, and it was a great movie that scared me to death as a youngster. So, the idea of it being remade does not exactly thrill me. However, if you all want to check out the featurette, here it is!

Well, I do agree that this movie would be a new take on an old tale, and yes it would be more …

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