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First Look at Jared Leto As the Joker


Hello and good morning to all you Trenders, Jax here with some great news for you all this Saturday! So, how many of you loved the Joker in the Dark Knight movie played by the late Heath Ledger? Heath Ledger was so awesome as the Joker that he won an Oscar, and his death forever riveted him to such an iconic role. Now in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, the role of the Joker was snapped up by Jared Leto, who has won an Oscar too for his talent.  Now everyone has been dying to see an image of …

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‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Gets Sequel Release Date


Hello Trenders! Jax here with an announcement that will make all you 50 Shades of Grey fans go over the moon! The movie was a big hit, and now there’s a sequel to it coming out called 50 Shades Darker. Exciting right? How many of you are so happy now that I’ve made this announcement?

Well hang on because there’s more! The release date is going to be…. Not only is the first sequel announced, but the second one called Fifty Shades Freed is also going to be made.

The two release dates for these movies are February 10, …

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Robert Downey Jr Posts Instagram Pics from New York City

Marvel Avengers Assemble European Premiere - London

Hello Trenders! Well Jax is in the house with more movie news! So, Robert Downey Jr has recovered from his UK interview, and the proof is in the NYC pictures he’s been posting!  Want to see what he has been posting on Instagram? Well here is a great picture of him with some New York City buildings in the background.




So, as you all can see, Robert Downey Jr is just fine, and he’s apparently having a blast with the other Avengers in the Big Apple!  He clearly has love for New York City, after all, that is where …

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First Look at Johnny Depp In ‘Black Mass’ Movie


Hello everyone! Jax here again, and I’m on a hot streak reporting the news today! So, how many of you all saw the first image of Johnny Depp as Whitey Bulger in the new Black Mass movie? Well, today is the day when the Black Mass trailer is set to be released! Well guess what? Trend Guys as it right here for you all to enjoy! So, please watch the trailer below!

Wow… that’s the best word that comes to mind! Because first of all, with the bad hairline, and the blue contacts, it does not even look like Johnny …

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Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans Issue Apology for ‘Slut’ Joke


Hello Trenders, Jax here with some late breaking news. Now, the Avengers are in the news today, and its not been under the best of circumstances. First a UK reporter upsets Robert Downey Jr, and now Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans have to put their feet in a bear trap and make a Black Widow joke that has everyone in an uproar, and now both the actors have issued an apology.

So what did the two Avengers say that has everyone ready to roast them over an open flame? Well… the two of them made a comment about fellow …

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