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5 Dead Celebrities Who Were Recreated With CGI


When someone’s time is up, it is up, and if you just happen to be a famous Hollywood star, death may be very inconvenient if you were right in the middle of making a movie.  For some famous celebrities that died during production, there is always a scramble as directors and producers figure out what to do and also they have to decide whether or not to even finish the film. Back in the olden days, a dead celebrity mostly meant that the movie had to be cancelled, but nowadays, computers have gotten so advanced that with the help of …

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Daily Rant: Ice Cube Mad Over Paul Walker Win!


On Sunday, March 13th, MTV had their annual Movie Awards show. With the MTV Movie Awards, fans vote on a number of different movies that are put into categories like Best Kiss, Best Fight, Best Villain, Best Movie Character, and many other fun things that the fans get to decide. After a month or so of voting, MTV has the awards show to reward the winners, and the night is a lot of fun with celebrities and musical guests. Typically, the awards show is not taken too seriously; the winners get a golden popcorn statue as their award, so the …

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Coachella – Is It Over Yet?


Good evening everyone, Jax here from the Trend Guys, and I wanted to talk to you all about the big music festival that takes place every spring, Coachella. Now I love music, and I’m a big fan of music festivals, but what is the big deal about Coachella that makes it the subject of every news channel, every newspaper, every Internet website, and every social media network? What is the big deal about it anyway that even celebrities end up going to it? Is it the new Woodstock?

 Coachella – Three Day Music Festival Attracts Celebrities and Rock Stars Every

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Rosemary’s Baby Miniseries – First Trailer Released!


Back in 1968, director Roman Polanski came out with a movie that terrified woman who were pregnant, or were thinking about becoming pregnant. The reason why Roman Polanski had everyone in terror was because he directed a movie called Rosemary’s Baby about a woman who wanted a child, and ended up with a lot more than she bargained for when she ends up carrying the baby of Satan himself.  Even for 1968, the movie was terrifying, and Mia Farrow was the perfect young mother-to-be who only wanted to have a child, and ended up being a pawn in her husband’s …

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James Cameron Writing 3 Sequels For Avatar


In 2009, James Cameron released a movie that took place in the future. The movie involved a planet that contained blue creatures, and the government was trying to negotiate with them, and did so using blue creatures that basically had a transferred consciousness. The name of the amazing movie was Avatar, and it told the tale of not only the battle for a planet, but a man who could not walk finding out how he really was and becoming a member of the native tribe.  Avatar is the biggest movie ever with over one billion dollars in revenue, and the …

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