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Tom Cruise Claims Mission Impossible Stunt Terrified Him


Hello Trenders! We are back and better than ever! Sorry about those few days, but we had technical issues that required professional help. Anyway, we are back and here with some late breaking news! Did you all know that Tom Cruise is working on a new Mission:Impossible, right? Well he is!

Tom Cruise talked about his experience while filming it, and he said that one thing terrified him, and that was a stunt that involved him grabbing onto the side of a plane. Who can blame him for that one because not everyone is thrilled with heights! Not only …

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‘Mall Cop 2’ Slammed By Critics


Hey  Trenders! Jax here! Well, Mall Cop 2 came out yesterday, and wow do the critics hate this Kevin James movie! The first Mall Cop had some funny moments in it, and was a hit ,but this second one… Wow its being slammed hard as nothing more than a lame movie with a lot of Las Vegas product placement in it! Well for those of you that haven’t seen it, here is the trailer for the movie:

The story goes that Paul Blart moves up to the big time, which is Las Vegas and the Wynn Hotel, and while there, …

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“Unfriended” Redefines Found Footage Horror


Hello Trenders! Jax here, and how many of you are going to see Unfriended this weekend? Well the movie is making headlines not only because of its cyberbullying plot, but the fact that it is now considered a found footage movie. For those of you that haven’t seen it, here is the trailer:


How can a computer movie be found footage? Well the answer is simple… it all takes place on one girl’s laptop, which makes for a very interesting movie just for that alone. No more finding video tapes in the backpack ala Blair Witch Project because we …

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Batman VS Superman Trailer Leaked On YouTube


Hello Trenders! Jax here with some interesting news first thing today. So, how many of you are excited about the Batman VS Superman movie? Well on Monday, April 20th, the first official trailer is supposed to come out, but the Internet is a buzz today because the trailer was leaked either late last night or early this morning. The trailer was leaked on YouTube, and before many people could get a look at it… SNAP! The trailer was gone!

Now, I was mad because I wanted to see it, but the people that were lucky enough to see it were …

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Ryan Gosling To Join Blade Runner Sequel


Hey guys! Well its a great movie news day here at the Trend Guys! Jax here with another great movie update. Now while the new Star Wars trailer is out, and that is not the only classic movie that is getting an update or a sequel. Remember that awesome Harrison Ford movie called Blade Runner? Well that was a long time ago, and now there is a sequel coming out and Harrison Ford will not be alone, Ryan Gosling is going to join him!

So, what do you all think of this news? For me, I was surprised that …

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