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Is There Truth to the AC/DC Split Rumors?


Hell’s bells! Is AC/DC done for?

That’s the rumor flying around the Internet and in Australia, where lead guitarist Malcom Young has reportedly moved his entire family, due to ill health.

The rumors also say that Young is so ill that he’ll never be able to perform or tour again, which may spell a permanent end to the legendary rock band, which has been thrilling fans since the early 70’s. The rumors apparently began when someone who identified himself as “Thunderstruck” sent an email to a local radio station that said Young had moved back to Australia and would never

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Daily Rant: Ice Cube Mad Over Paul Walker Win!


On Sunday, March 13th, MTV had their annual Movie Awards show. With the MTV Movie Awards, fans vote on a number of different movies that are put into categories like Best Kiss, Best Fight, Best Villain, Best Movie Character, and many other fun things that the fans get to decide. After a month or so of voting, MTV has the awards show to reward the winners, and the night is a lot of fun with celebrities and musical guests. Typically, the awards show is not taken too seriously; the winners get a golden popcorn statue as their award, so the …

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Debbie Rowe: “MJ Was the Real Talent!”


The snipe-fest between Debbie Rowe, Michael Jackson’s ex and mother to two of his children, and Michael Jackson’s brothers continues as Rowe seeks to gain parental rights to Paris and Prince Jackson.

The most recent round of bitchery between the two camps was caused by Rowe’s comments about the brothers’ lack of talent, and that Michael told her on more than one occasion that his brothers’ biggest talent was riding his coattails from the time he was small and then sponging money off him later in life when he became an international pop star.

Jackson died at the age of …

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Coachella – Is It Over Yet?


Good evening everyone, Jax here from the Trend Guys, and I wanted to talk to you all about the big music festival that takes place every spring, Coachella. Now I love music, and I’m a big fan of music festivals, but what is the big deal about Coachella that makes it the subject of every news channel, every newspaper, every Internet website, and every social media network? What is the big deal about it anyway that even celebrities end up going to it? Is it the new Woodstock?

 Coachella – Three Day Music Festival Attracts Celebrities and Rock Stars Every

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Life with Archie Comic to Kill off Title Character

Gang at Pop's_FR

Say it ain’t so, Arch!

The iconic, read-headed good guy who has been the hero of the comics of the same name since 1941 will be killed off in the Life with Archie series this summer.

The Life with Archie comic was first published in 1958 and was issued until 1991. Later, in 2010, the series was revamped and focused on the lives of Archie, Betty, and his other friends and their adventures after they graduated from college. The magazine was presented with a parallel universe trope, where Archie married Betty in one and Veronica in the other.

The comics …

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