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Argentinian Judge Orders Justin Bieber Arrested


Hello Trenders! Justin Bieber is trying to clean up his act, but it looks like there are forces preventing it from happening. The latest news about Justin Bieber is not good because a judge in Argentina has ordered the 21-year-old pop star be arrested.  Back in 2013, a photographer came forward with a story that Justin Bieber told his guards to attack him when he tried to photograph the pop start leaving a club. Even though representatives for Justin Bieber claim that the issue was fixed and over, the judge in the case ordered for him to be arrested.

What …

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Fans Show Support For Taylor Swift By Creating T-Shirt


Taylor Swift has the most amazing fans in the world. Today, Taylor Swift announced her mom, Andrea Finlay, was diagnosed with cancer, and now hours later, her fans have created a t-shirt. For every shirt bought, money will go to cancer research. How awesome is it that Taylor Swift’s fans actually care so much about Andrea Finlay that they created a t-shirt in only a matter of hours?  Taylor Swift has yet to comment on this shirt, but anyone who have people that care this much can only be touched by this amazing gesture. Taylor Swift clearly has the best …

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Taylor Swift’s Mom Diagnosed With Cancer

The 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards - Backstage and Audience

Hey gang, Jax here with some celebrity news. Taylor Swift has announced this morning that her mom, Andrea Finlay, has been diagnosed with cancer. Swift has been photographed with her mother on many occasions, and is her biggest fan.  Swift stated that the details about her mom are going to be kept private, and asked that everyone respect their privacy.  The singer also encouraged everyone to get tested for cancer because the earlier it is detected, the better the outlook for treatment options and recovery.  Swift ended her message on Tumblr by thanking her fans for their support …

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Barry Manilow Gets Married!


Hello everyone! Good news finally to post! Did any of you know that Barry Manilow got married? Well he did! Barry Manilow married his longtime manager, Garry Kief. Manilow is a very private man, and he has never discussed his sexual orientation before, and when asked back in 2012, all the singer would say was that he was single.  However, the truth is that the couple got married last year, but this is the first time that Manilow has admitted anything about his private life. The couple got married in front of friends, who did not even know it …

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Twisted Sister- Band Done in 2016


Twisted Sister is deciding to end their band after 40 years of being together. Dee Snider, and the surviving band members, state that the decision was made after the death of their drummer, A.J. Pero, who died March 20th of this year from a heart attack at the age of 55.  The band will perform a few tribute shows that they will dedicated to the memory of Pero. The Twisted Sister farewell tour has a colorful title, and that name is: Forty and F–k It.

The tour will feature Dee Snider, Jay Jay French, Mark Mendoza, Eddie Ojeda, and …

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