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Paris Hilton New Song – Come Alive

"The Rover" Premiere - The 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival

Paris Hilton releases a new song from her upcoming album.

Hey everyone, Steven here from The Trend Guys and I’m bringing you one of the hottest music trends of today.

[youtube id=”I4LmSJWH8mk” width=”600″ height=”350″]

So, does anyone out there even remember Paris Hilton? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Anyways, Hilton is struggling to get back in the spotlight and unfortunately, she’s still trying to become a pop star.

In case you don’t remember, Hilton tried this route before and failed miserably eight years ago. Listen to her “single” from eight years ago below and you’ll see why.

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TRL Returns to MTV For Only One Day With Ariana Grande as the Host

Ariana Grande - TRL - Total Ariana Live

Total Request Live is coming back to MTV, but only for one day!

Hey everyone, Steven here from The Trend Guys and I’m bringing you one of the hottest entertainment trends of today.

Who else out there remembers the day when MTV used to actually play music videos on their channel? If so, you probably remember TRL, which was a music video countdown show that aired every single day with Carson Daily as the host.

Well, the show is coming back to MTV, but it’s only going to be on for one day. Ariana Grande is teaming up with MTV …

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Rihanna & Drake Call it Quits


Relationships are not easy to begin with, but ones in the public eye can be especially difficult because every single  move is watched by the public, and everyone has the opinion on the people in the relationship. One such popular couple is Rihanna and Drake, and after only being together for a short time, the popular headline grabbing duo is ending their relationship.

When Loves Turns Sour – Drake Had Comments About Girlfriend Rihanna

When two people are in a relationship that is in the public eyes, sometimes one can be more outspoken than the other. For this couple, Drake …

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Justin Bieber Robs Teenage Girl?


Justin Bieber is once again in the news for all the wrong reasons, but this time, the 20-year-old singer has really stuck his foot in his mouth. While out playing miniature golf in Sherman Oaks, the pop star allegedly was very naughty and may really be in trouble with the law, and worse than that, his pre-teen fans may see just what a jerk he really is.  Ladies, the pull of a bad boy may be strong, but it might be time for all Justin Bieber merchandise to be chucked into the street and run over with a steam roller.…

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Is Justin Bieber Finally Growing Up?


A little over two months ago, Justin Bieber went from being a teenager to an adult when he turned from 19 to 20.  A couple months before that, Bieber had been arrested in Miami for having some fun behind the wheel of a yellow Lamborghini. Naturally, the arrest of the pop star was a huge media news story, and the mugshot of him in his orange jumpsuit was plastered all over every news agency in the world. While Bieber has been making headlines for his rather turnstile-like love life, perhaps now the 20-year-old singer is finally starting to see that …

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