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Tori Spelling Photographed Looking Gaunt


Is being married to Dean McDermott detrimental to Tori Spelling’s health or is it the fact that he has not only admitted to cheating on her, which is bad considering they have four kids together, but he has also admitted to using cocaine and drinking. Wow does he sound like a winner to be married to or what? No wonder Tori Spelling looks so thin, its caused the stress of her mess of a husband.

Mega-thin Tori Spelling Photographed After Getting Out of Hospital

Is Dean McDermott being a cheater who also dabbled in booze and cocaine causing his wife …

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Ashton Kutcher – Still Friendly With Demi’s Girls


When two people are dating, and then decide to get married, there is a lot that can happen because the people each have their own baggage that they bring into the relationship. However, if one of the people in the marriage has children, then that can make things very complicated because the children have to then get used to a new parent, and that does not always happen. For Ashton Kutcher, his marriage to Demi Moore not only involved her, but the three daughters that Moore has with ex-husband, Bruce Willis. While people were making bets that the three daughters …

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Kate Gosselin – New Reality Show Coming?


Kate Gosselin first came onto the reality TV show scene when she, and her husband Jon, had eight babies. However, the show was about the difficulty of raising eight kids all at the same time, it turned into a circus involving the two parents, who were having marital difficulties. Once the marriage between the two Gosselin parents really started to go south, and their marriage troubles were in the news constantly, Jon Gosselin was fired form the show, and the lats couple of seasons were all about Kate and her eight children until the show was finally cancelled in 2011. …

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Will There Be A Season 3 of Hannibal?


What is it with television shows these days? Why is it that shows like The Walking Dead ,which is nothing more than zombies walking and people fighting, is considered the best show on TV, while awesome shows that constantly deliver like Hannibal are not the ratings giant that The Walking Dead is? Do not get it, honestly, and the sad part is that whether or not Hannibal will have a third season is kind of up in the air. If Hannibal is not renewed, it will be a huge shame, and fans of the show may just be out for …

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Duck Dynasty Stars Reveal Heartbreaking Miscarriage

Jase and Missy from Duck Dynasty Miscarriage-2

Sometimes when married couples begin starting a family, things do not go according to plan. An unexpected pregnancy can bring joy to a family, but when the baby does not survive it can be devastating especially when the expectant parents already start planning things and even want to tell their family and friends. Duck Dynasty is a popular show on the A&E Network, and two of its stars recently admitted that they suffered their own share of heartbreak because of a miscarriage that happened to them over a decade ago. Losing a child is never easy, and it can really …

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