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Jennette McCurdy Speaks Out About Leaked Pics


Another Disney child star has been caught with her pants down–literally–but this time, the racy pics were never intended for the general public.

Jennette McCurdy, star of Disney’s iCarly and its spinoff, Sam and Cat, took to her Twitter today to talk about the pics that were leaked onto the Internet–pics that feature her in a sexual position and clad in only lacy lingerie. While McCurdy is now 21 and considered an adult, the photos shocked fans and parents alike when they hit the Web, but no one was more bowled over than McCurdy herself, who told her fans …

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3 Reasons Why Fans Funded the Veronica Mars Movie


As the Veronica Mars Movie draws ever closer, those who aren’t in the fandom continue to boggle over the series’ resurrection, which is now extending to a Web series and a number of books penned by the show’s creator, Rob Thomas. The Kickstarter campaign started it all, when Kristen Bell told the fans that the movie would be made–but only if they footed part of the bill. Fans responded in droves, raising two million dollars in two hours. All told, over 91 thousand fans donated about 5.7 million dollars to the cause. This begs the question, why did fans contribute? …

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South Park: The Stick of Truth Finally Arrives


Fans of South Park, the revolutionary and often controversial animated series from Trey Parker and Matt Stone, have been patiently awaiting a new video game from the creators that would allow them to experience true interaction with their favorite characters.

After today, they will have to wait no longer.

South Park: The Stick of Truth hits stores today for the PC, XBox, and for the PS3 platforms, and the creators of the show promise players a South Park experience that is far superior than other titles that have carried the show’s name in the past. The game, which will be …

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3 Hilarious Star Trek Celeb Twitter Accounts


Star Trek is a global fandom phenomenon that has consistently filled convention halls across the world since its premiere on TV in 1966. Since then, there have been spinoffs, movies, book series, and countless other ways for fans to enjoy the Star Trek universe, but one of the most entertaining things about Star Trek is the celebs who have taken to the Internet to promote themselves and connect with fans on Twitter. Here are three Star Trek celeb Twitter accounts that you should be following.

George Takei

This quick-witted actor played Hikaru Sulu in the original Star Trek series and …

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3 TV Shows That Were Cancelled Too Soon


TV shows come and go: some stay for up to twenty years or more, like The Simpsons, or they seem to go up in a puff of smoke after just a season or two, even if they seem to have a popular fan following. Shows that amass a cult following often do so because they are smart, well-written, and unique but usually get axed because of a limited advertising budget that leads to low ratings. Here are three funny, clever, and exciting TV shows that were yanked from the airwaves much too soon.


This show about a vampire …

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