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Constantine TV Show Not Cancelled


Hello everyone! Well here’s more news from the world of television.  For all of you Constantine fans that are totally bummed that the show got cancels, we got some great news! Apparently the announcement that Constantine was cancelled was actually not correct. Good news all of you Constantine fans! The show is not cancelled because the final decision has not been made yet about its fate.

However, if the show is cancelled, it will not be a surprise because the show has not performed as well as expected. Jennifer Salke, the president if NBC has expressed her disappointment that the …

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Scream TV Show Premiering on MTV In June


Tonight during the MTV Movie Awards, the audience, and the viewers, got a taste of what will be premiering this June on MTV, and that is Scream the TV show. However, before you all grab your Ghost Face masks and think of Neve Campbell, be warned that this TV show has nothing to do really with the famous movie franchise. To wet your appetites for June, here is the trailer that MTV showed tonight:

So, what do you all think of the Scream TV show trailer? It does look promising and I for one will be checking it out …

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Games of Thrones Premiere Tonight But Episodes Leaked


Hey everyone! Jax here, and the television world has been turned upside down because tonight is the premiere of Game of Thrones, but there is a serious problem! The first 5 episodes have been leaked, and is currently available via TorrentFreak,which has reported that the episodes have been downloaded over 100 thousand times in only a few hours!

HBO is investigating right now to figure out how in the world this happened. Tonight, is the premiere of the 5th season, but now the world has access not only to the first episode, but the subsequent four!

Will the leaked …

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Kim Kardashian: Dressing Sexier Since Becoming Mom

Television personality Kim Kardashian arrives at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles

Hello everyone! Kim Kardashian has been talking a lot about her life now, and one thing she mentioned is that she has been dressing a lot sexier. Kardashian told Elle magazine, “I mean at the beginning, when you’re losing your pregnancy weight you don’t really know how to dress, so that just doesn’t count. You just dress as simple as possible. But I think since I’ve gotten in shape, and I feel good about myself, I dress I think sexier now than I did before.”

Of course, every mom feels this way because of how their body has changed …

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Jon Hamm Almost Arrested For Hazing Incident Back In 1995


Hello everyone, Jax here! How many of you love to watch Mad Men? Well the star of the hit AMC show, Mad Men, Jon Hamm was almost arrested back in 1995 for brutally hazing a fraternity pledge. While at the University of Texas, Jon Hamm, and his fellow fraternity brothers from Sigma Nu, were almost given 30 days in jail. The complaint filed by the pledge stated that Hamm, and his brothers, allegedly spanked with a wooden paddle, his pants were set on fire, and a claw hammer was used on the man’s private parts.

Hamm, and his …

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