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Mr. Belding, Dennis Haskins, Says He’s Ready for a Saved By the Bell Reunion

Dennis Haskins as Mr Belding

Dennis Haskins is Ready for a Bayside High Reunion!

Mark-Paul Gosselaar said a few days ago that he’d like to have a Saved By the Bell reunion, especially if the Girl Meets World show takes off after its premiere. Now, it looks like Dennis Haskins who plays the lovable Mr. Belding on Saved By the Bell is down to do a reunion show!

I have always supported a reunion of any kind including all of us. Honestly, the fans still love us and our show so much … they deserve it! – Dennis Haskins

A reunion show for Saved By …

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Richard Moll Says That He Would Never Do a “Night Court” Reunion Show

Bull from Night Court

Are You a Night Court Fan? Well, You’re In For Some Bad News!

Richard Moll, the man that played “Bull” in the Night Court television show said that he would “run in the other direction” if there was ever to be a “Night Court” reunion.

So, why did Richard Moll say he would run in the other direction if they ever did a Night Court reunion? He says that he enjoys show business, but it’s the people in show business that he can’t stand.

So, there you have it, Night Court fans. If there’s ever a reunion show, …

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A Possible Saved By The Bell Spin-Off Show Coming In the Future

2010 Entertainment Weekly And Women In Film Pre-Emmy Party - Arrivals

Boy Meets World is Getting A Spin-Off Show, So Why Not Saved By The Bell?

Mark-Paul Gosselaar says that he would be down for doing a Saved By the Bell spin-off show. He says that he thinks that if Boy Meets World can get their own spin-off and do a show called Girl Meets World, he thinks that the folks over at Bayside High can get their own spin-off show, as well!

Mark-Paul Gosselaar played Zack Morris in the show Saved By the Bell and was recently asked if he’s going to be watching Girl Meets World, which …

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I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to If you have an interest in the latest trends in a slew of different subjects you will most likely enjoy your time here. Right now, the site is under construction, so give me a bit of a break, but in no time this place will be flooded with all sorts of different trending content for you to fill your brain with. Seeing as how this is the first post on the website, and all of our categories are not up as of right now, I am going to …

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