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How to get the turkey pet on zombie farm

Zombie Farm App For The iPad

Want a free turkey pet on Zombie Farm?

So, there I was, lying in my bed, grabbed my trusty iPad, and loaded up the Zombie Farm game app. As I hit the start button and wait for my farm to load up I couldn’t help but notice a new splash screen advertising a limited edition turkey pet that will follow your farmer around while he does basic farming tasks. I was excited, but when I loaded the game up and went to find the turkey, he was nowhere to be found.

Like a goofus, I had forgotten to install …

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Welcome to


I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to If you have an interest in the latest trends in a slew of different subjects you will most likely enjoy your time here. Right now, the site is under construction, so give me a bit of a break, but in no time this place will be flooded with all sorts of different trending content for you to fill your brain with. Seeing as how this is the first post on the website, and all of our categories are not up as of right now, I am going to …

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