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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West – Married!


Congratulations to the bride and groom! The Internet is on fire right now with the news that the most popular couple in Hollywood, who are Kim Kardashian and her fiance Kanye West are now officially man and wife! We here at the Trend Guys are very happy for the newly married couple, and we wish them all the best in their new life together. However, there may be some of you that are confused because you, and the rest of the world, have heard about their big fancy wedding in France, but don’t worry because that big wedding is still …

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Autopsy Rules Ultimate Warrior’s Death Heart Related


Last week, The Trend Guys reported the sad and untimely death of the wrestler known as The Ultimate Warrior. Ultimate Warrior was a wrestling icon of the 80s and had recently been inducted into the WWE just days before his death. However, those around him said the wrestler appeared ill, short of breath, and constantly red in the face, as if he was struggling to breathe.

The wrestler collapsed in a Scottsdale hotel lobby on April 8th while walking with his wife and never regained consciousness, leading those around to him to believe he died of a massive heart attack.…

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23 Wrestlers That Died Young – #4 Will Shock You!


Professional wrestling really took off during the 1980s, and with companies like the WWF, which is now World Wrestling Entertainment, wrestling was a lot of fun and spawned toys, cartoons, and made super stars out of men in tights. However, with all that fame came the pressure for these men in spandex to do all they could to stay in shape, and unfortunately, some of them did things that ultimately cost them their lives at an early age.

1. Ravishing Rick Rude:

[youtube id=”JbyGA3CN0Dk”]

Richard Erwin Rood died at the age of 40 from an overdose of many medications including …

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Did Ultimate Warrior Predict His Own Death?


The iconic wrestler known all over the world as The Ultimate Warrior collapsed and died in a Scottsdale, AZ lobby yesterday of what some say looked like a heart attack.

Witnesses say that The Ultimate Warrior, 54, clutched his chest before collapsing onto the floor, unresponsive, as he was walking through the lobby and on the way to his car. The wrestler was walking with his wife when it happened, and witnesses say that the wrestler never regained consciousness.

Did Ultimate Warrior Know He Was Going to Die?

Ultimate Warrior, who legally changed his name from James Brian Hellwig to …

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Jake the Snake Roberts: I Have Cancer


The World Wrestling Federation had some amazing stars back in the day, and one of the most unusual yet talented wrestler was Jake the Snake Roberts. Roberts was talented when it came to wrestling, and he used to bring in a giant python into the ring. Roberts began wrestling in 1975, and joined the World Wrestling Federation, known at that time as the WWF, in 1986.  Roberts was with the World Wrestling Federation from 1986 to 1992.  After he left the WWF, he ended up with their one and only competition, the WCW. However, Roberts was only this company for …

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