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Hulk Hogan Returns To Wrestling with the WWE


Back in the 1980’s, the then WWF, also known as the world Wrestling Federation, had been purchased by Vince K. McMahon from his father, and decided that professional wrestling was going to be as promoted as other popular sports. McMahon had a vision of exactly what he wanted, but he needed a charismatic figure to help him realize his dream. Terry Bollea was given the name Hulk Hogan, and Hulkmania was about to begin for the world. Hulk Hogan became the biggest name in wrestling history, who can forget the memorable theme song that Hulk Hogan used to enter the …

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Total Divas Return to the Ring March 16th


Professional wrestling is a billion-dollar a year industry, and the WWE, which used to be known as the World Wrestling Federation before changing their name, is the biggest wrestling organization in the world. The world of wrestling is certainly no stranger to controversy, and tragedy, and some of the world’s most well-known wrestlers died young due to the pressures of being in the ring and maintaining their physiques in questionable ways. Steroids is still a major problem in any professional sport, but since the 2007 murder suicide of Christ Benoit, his wife, and 7 year old son Daniel.  Police state

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WWE Legened, Mae Young, Dead at 90-Years-Old

Mae Young Rest in Peace

Mae Young was a women’s wrestling legend.

Hey everyone, Steven here from The Trend Guys and I’m bringing you a very unfortunate entertainment trend today.

Mae Young was on life support in her Colombia, South Carolina home, when she was taken off of life support and she passed away.

Mae Young was 90-years-old when she died.

Young became a professional wrestler when she was just 15-years-old. She was the very first NWA U.S. Women’s Champion.

However, most wrestling fans probably remember Mae Young for the appearances she made on WWE Raw (WWF back then) and WWE Smackdown from 1999 – …

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Is Stone Cold Steve Austin Coming Back to the WWE?

Stone Cold Steve Austin return to the WWE

WHAT?!?! Stone Cold Steve Austin possibly set to appear at Wrestlemania 30

There’s a ton of rumor going around right now that Stone Cold Steve Austin may be making a return to the WWE. To be more specific, rumors are stating that the ex-WWE Superstar will be having a match at Wrestlemania 30.

Stone Cold Steve Austin V.S. Triple H at Wrestlemania 30?

The rumor is that Austin will be returning to the WWE for one match. Apparently, a lot of people think he’s going to come back and fight Triple H at Wrestlemania, but Triple H hasn’t even been …

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Randy Orton Gets a Divorce – Gets More Than You Would Think

Randy Orton Divorce

Randy Orton from the WWE is going through a divorce.

Usually, when you hear about a wrestler getting divorced, you probably think about when Hulk Hogan got divorced by Linda Hogan and lost a TON of assets.

Well, that’s not the case for WWE superstar, Randy Orton.

Randy Orton and his wife, Samantha, got hitched back in 2007. They also have a 4-year-old daughter. The couple separated in 2012 and Samantha filed for a divorce back in March, saying that the marriage was “irretrievably broken.”

Lucky for Orton, his wife isn’t going to suck him completely dry like Linda Hogan …

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